We are extremely excited to welcome you to the new ICG 669 website!

Your new Member Portal can now be found at https://member.icg669.com/.

New features, mobile design and content have been updated. The following new features have been launched for the Member Portal:

  • The Member Portal is completely mobile optimized.
  • A Dashboard is now accessible with quick links, office memos and quick access to the latest eBulletin. Edit your profile, work profile and day call availability all from one convenient location.
  • The Long-Term availability now works on a traffic light system
    • Green is available
    • Yellow is available soon (i.e. two weeks from leaving a production) or unavailable soon (i.e. two weeks from starting a production)
    • Red is unavailable (i.e. on a production)
  • Day Call Availability can now be set for additional zones of Regina and Okanagan.
  • In the Long-Term Availability, it now shows whether a member will work on an LBA.
  • Other Locations can now be set to inform employers that you are willing to work in other provinces.
  • Setting Availability Notes will inform the office of any issues, notes or discrepancies with availability. The office will receive an email the moment you Save Changes on the Work Profile section.
  • Equipment, Skills and Languages can now be filtered on the Long-Term Availability.
  • The Production List has been completely redesigned to increase space, readability, and filters to access information quickly.
  • The Rumour List now is a live-generated list. What you see on the Rumour List is always up to date.
  • Governance has been streamlined for you to access the information quicker, especially around General Meetings.
  • Members are not able to see this information, but Producers have access to your Availability and Production List.
  • The profile has had a complete overhaul. Please update the information on your profile. The more information you add, the better your profile will look.
  • There now is a dedicated Roster page for each classification.

What’s new on icg669.com?

Your new icg669.com site can now be found at https://icg669.danaroberts.com/.

  • Like the Member Portal, this website is completely mobile optimized.
  • Littered on the website is work from our Still Photographers with credits.
  • Category Overviews now display giving clarity to potential members applying for membership.
  • The Join section has been completely revamped, creating two pathways to membership: Direct Application and Trainee Program.
  • The Community tab gives members the history of our Union. Check back over the next couple of weeks as content is populated.
  • Events now include training, community events, webinars, general meetings. Click the calendar view to see what’s coming up. Please note, we are still populating content on this section.


  • Alongside our revamp, we’ve built two websites that promote our Director of Photography and Still Photographer members.
  • Both classifications are featured with their promotional body of work. For Director of Photography, demo reels are the front and centre. For Still Photographers, still photos are the highlight.

Some things to note:

  • Username and password remain the same
  • Passwords are now secure. This means the office cannot reset this or tell you about your password in the future.

We will be offering a Website Tutorial webinar on November 7, 2021, at 2:00 pm PST to teach members how to navigate the new website and answer any questions you might have. If you wish to attend please click here.