We are proud to support the 2nd annual REEL Earth Day Challenge! We’re hoping you and your crew are ready to join us in giving back to our communities (and compete for bragging rights as the largest contributor in 2022, of course).

Reel Green is partnering again with Pacific Parkland Foundation to raise money for special projects in Metro Vancouver Regional Parks – not only generous locations to our film productions over the years, but green spaces our families love and play in.

Earth Day 2022’s theme is Invest in our Planet, and the REEL Earth Day Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for film industry crews and businesses to give back by investing in the health of our region’s parks and communities.

About the challenge

Modelled after REEL Thanksgiving, the REEL Earth Day Challenge supports crews, productions, sponsors, and other industry stakeholders in raising donations throughout the two weeks leading up to Earth Day. 100% of donations support the REEL Earth Day projects and are administered by the Pacific Parklands Foundation, a registered charity with the mission to protect and preserve Metro Vancouver Regional Parks for future generations. 2021’s inaugural REEL Earth Day Challenge raised over $164,000 for habitat protection and restoration projects in Regional Parks.

The 2021 Impact Report shows how the REEL Earth Day Challenge:

  • Restored 51,377m² of ecologically important land in eight regional parks
  • Supported a healthy climate, by planting 6,925 native trees and bushes, which will store an estimated 831 tonnes of carbon over the next 50 years
  • Promoted biodiversity by removing over 3,350 kg of invasive species
  • Created a culture of environmental caring, by encouraging the BC Motion Picture Industry community to volunteer in Regional Parks. Volunteers, including Industry supporters, contributed more than 1,348 hours of work to REEL Earth Day Projects.

In 2022, we’re raising our sights and expanding the breadth of projects the industry can support. Our goal is for 50% of funding to support Indigenous Initiatives in the Parks, and 50% supporting Stewardship and Restoration work, with a focus on climate resiliency. A list of projects will be finalized this week.

We’re proud of our community’s contribution to the environment last year and look forward to another great event in 2022.

We thank you for your ongoing support of Reel Green. To donate to the fundraiser, follow the link to the challenge website.